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Chiquita Burton

I am a licensed cosmetologist if over 18 years’ experience, financial literacy coach, cosmetology instructor, and a Notary Public 15 years’ experience. I am a graduate of Kenneth Schuler school of cosmetology. I have constructed, facilitated, and participated in over 12 hair shows, won 6, and published in over 8 magazines which include hype hair, black hair, universal salons just to name a few. I am also a 3-time successful salon owner and I have given over 30 hairstylist, barbers, nail tech, make up, and tattoo artist s place to call their home. As a salon owner I knew the hardships of entrepreneurship so when I closed my salon, I became educated and certified in financial literacy. I knew that in a minority woman-based industry we were not taught the value of Business Credit. So my road and my purpose to financial freedom began. My goal is to educate and help as many people, families, and businesses as I can. I am also a certified Tax Preparer for over 5 years’ experience. My company is structured off of due diligence and customer-based services. I offer different programs, classes, and training in all areas. Thank you for choosing Beauty By The Eye. I look forward to servicing you in whatever you need. Be beautiful and be blessed


My mission is to educate minority businesses the importance of business credit. How to operate financially free. While maximizing their purchasing power. Also in my bio I have been published in hype hair magazine, black hair magazine, and universal salons. 3 global magazines, organized, hosted, and participated in over 13 hair show competitions. I am also a YouTuber. Subscribe to my channel

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