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Beauty By The Eye Consulting is a financial literacy company serving the community for over 4 years of service. Beauty By The Eye Consulting has all the financial products you need for your road to financial freedom. We include consumer and business credit services. Beauty By The Eye smart credit Identity and credit monitoring, action buttons (no letters to write), receive email, text message alerts,24/7 access to all your online portals, have all your accounts in one place. Each services includes it's own personalized private portal. Get approved instantly for your own Beauty By The Eye secured credit card. No credit check, no hard pull, and score increase monthly. You can cancel your services at any time! Your road to financial freedom begins today!

Personal credit options. Service 2 Credit consultation 1 hour $75. Includes:

  • Implementation of Credit Monitoring

  • 1 million identity insurance

  • Dispute any existing creditors

  • Remove your information from data broker sites

If you do not have any credit the build plan 2 lines of credit and all the same services. Credit services are based on a 120-day plan.


Free over the phone consultation available. 10 to 20 per page depending on document. Printing services available.

Marriage $100 
in person marriage $250 
Divorce $100
Probate court $100
Proof of income document $10 per page. 
All other documents $10 per page. 
Closing agent new homeowners $200 - $250 price varies by location. 
Print and seal package $25 per page. Includes document printed, stamped, and sealed, envelope (postage stamp on request)


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